Beaconcure Webinar Series 
Transforming Clinical Review Processes: Beyond Traditional Boundaries

In the rapidly evolving landscape of clinical data analysis, the need for innovative approaches to review and validation processes has never been more critical. This webinar is part of a series that delves into aspects of transforming clinical data analysis and review processes. 

💬  Industry experts discuss:

  • How we can harness cutting-edge technologies, including AI and automation, to enhance the integrity and efficiency of statistical output validation and review. 

  • The challenges of current methods, with an exploration of how modern solutions can lead to more accurate, traceable, and reproducible results. 

  • The potential for technologies to revolutionize clinical data processes, offering a glimpse into how technology can impact the generation of statistical analyses.

Join us as we explore the journey from standard practices to a new era of efficiency and effectiveness in clinical data management.

This webinar was originally held on Thursday, April 25, 2024.


🍿  About this series:
In the Beaconcure Webinar Series, we bring together industry leaders from Pharma, CRO, and Biotech, with roles ranging from management, clinicians, statisticians, programmers. In each webinar, we explore common industry challenges, and the technologies and processes that can address these challenges. It’s an open forum discussion and meeting of minds, with a collaborative, innovative, and curious approach to the current state and future of the industry.
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👋 Meet the host:

Irving Dark

Biometrics Expert and Beaconcure Strategic Advisory Board member

Irving is a biometrics subject matter expert with over 30 years of industry experience guiding drug, biological, and medical device products successfully through the development process. He is an International Operations and Business Development Executive with a proven track record for establishing and growing specialty Clinical Research Organizations. Irving is a member of Beaconcure’s Strategic Advisory Board. In addition, he serves on the Board of Directors of MMS Holdings, a global data focused CRO, and is an Affiliate Partner at Lindsay Goldberg.

Irving established the Clinical Research Services division at Cytel and served as Senior Vice President of Project Based Services for over 13 years. Prior to Cytel, he held senior leadership roles at Veristat where he established and oversaw several core business units. Earlier in his career Irving held key positions at PAREXEL, where he managed Phase I - III clinical trials in the US, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Irving has an in-depth knowledge of clinical development and biometrics and is a co-author of numerous published clinical studies.